Sundays during our 10:15am worship service

Seeing Jesus. A seemingly simple task that has evaded many a persons since the time he began his ministry. It is not for the lack of desire or effort, mind you. No, seeing Jesus is made elusive by our own misconceptions about him, personal biases that function as lenses coloring the very images we see, and in essence, blinding us to the Truth before our very eyes. We are not unique though. People have for centuries sought to discover who Jesus is and decipher what being his disciple truly entails. When he was living, people walked for miles to meet him, pushed through crowds to capture his attention, and even climbed trees to catch a glimpse. Yet, those who were closest to him, the ones with the most unobscured view, were often the most misguided in what they saw.

Two thousand years later people are still trying to see, with unobstructed eyes, the one who makes the blind to see. The Gospel of Mark is not simply a collection of historical facts with summaries and commentary. Rather, this as a dramatic story, very similar in style to a novel or a movie. Unfortunately, we seldom see Mark as a dramatic whole, only reading bits and pieces of his story at a time. But looking at the story as a whole, we see that Mark has an appealing short story presentation that will draw us into the action.

As readers, we are invited to enter the story world of Jesus’ life. Although removed from Jesus’ life by space and time, we can participate in the drama too. In short, we get to walk with Jesus, watching his every step and listening to his every word. Seeing Jesus through the eyes of Mark invites us to experience the same thoughts and emotions as the characters that surround him. We can experience the same tension, feel the same suspense, endure the same conflicts and have the same emotions that they do. We may even find ourselves taken aback by the turning point, overwhelmed with the climax and intrigued with the outcome. So pack your bags and put on your traveling shoes, this is spiritual journey with Jesus.

To be sure, there are parts of our journey for which we are not prepared, teachings we won’t understand, challenges we aren’t willing to accept, and sights we simply will not believe our eyes. Whether you have never heard the story before or have heard it all of your life, you will be surprised on this journey. Surprised by Jesus, surprised by his teachings, surprised by his expectations, surprised by his sacrifice. The story brings us face to face with Jesus; and in the end, having traveled along with him, our eyes will be opened and we will be changed! Come see Jesus, through the eyes of Mark.