Upcoming Events

August 26
Youth Group – Dinner at Glenbrook @ 6pm and bowling at Crazy Pinz @ 7:30p

September 4
Promotion Sunday

Thursdays From Noon to 1:30p
Titus 2 Ministry


Titus 2 Ministry

     Titus 2 is an occasion for ladies to get together for fellowship and mentoring one another. Our growth in service for the Lord is guided by Biblical principles and encouraged by our peers. Ladies of all ages are welcome on Thursdays from noon to 1:30pm in the lower level. Bring a sack lunch. The group is led by Jeanie Ham.

Vacation Bible School

     When I first interviewed at Southwinds, I spoke about my experience with Vacation Bible School (VBS). VBS has been a part of my life since I was a small child. Every summer, I looked forward to making memories with my friends and family as we learned the joy of being followers of God. I met one of my closest friends at Vacation Bible School. To this day we continue to support each other, pray for each other, and talk about the love of God. I have been privileged to work with many amazing individuals over the years as I shifted from student to volunteer to director of VBS. Why is VBS important? Why does Southwinds continue to support a VBS program. I will tell you just a few of the many reasons.

     VBS is an outreach event. Each activity points to biblical truths. God’s word comes alive through songs, stories, games, crafts, and snacks. For some children, VBS is the first event they experience that points them towards God. The benefits of VBS are numerous for both children and adults. VBS requires more volunteers than any other event at Southwinds. We are blessed to work together as one body, enjoying service as a family. Many leaders rise out of VBS as it is a relatively small commitment. You may find that you want to volunteer to be a mentor to our children all year long. Proverbs 27:23 reads “Know the state of your flocks, and put your heart into caring for your herds.” (NLT)

     Please join us for VBS that’s a little bit different this year. Instead of just one week of VBS this summer, we will meet on Sunday evenings from June 12 to July 31. We want our children to grow and learn all throughout the summer and give adults an opportunity to volunteer according to their summer schedules. This year’s theme is Deep Sea Discovery. It’s centered around the fact that God is with us and will watch us wherever we go. (Gen. 28:15) Please join us after morning worship Sunday (the 17th) to find out how you can get involved!

– John Wriston, youth minister