Some respectable scientists in jolly old England discovered that “mosquitoes can develop an immunity to DEET and breed offspring that are also impervious to the bug repellant”. ( Female mosquitoes (the annoying ones) use their antennae to find humans. Humans contain the blood neededed to fertilize mosquito eggs. DEET, developed in 1958, isn’t completely understood but is believed to interfere with a mosquito’s ability to smell us blood filled humans.
Scientists (perhaps evil scientists), found that some of the mosquitoes they studied weren’t reacting to DEET. When the researchers bred these non-reactive “skeeters,” their offspring showed resistance to DEET as well. I suppose this breeding of super mosquitoes isn’t all bad. Supposedly, this research can help us develop alternate mosquito repellants. In the meantime, make sure you are using repellant this summer. Mosquitoes carry some awful diseases.
Satan, like a blood-sucking mosquito, can develop immunity to some of our safeguards. You might not be addicted to pornography or often found gossiping, but we all have our exploitable weaknesses. James 4 discusses full submission to God. We have to examine our motives and allegiances. If we are devoted more to this world than to God, we become his enemy. It is only when we are dedicated completely to God that we can “resist the devil” (James 4:7). Our ultimate goal is purity and there is no finality in our search to obtain it.

– John Wriston, youth minister