Who We Are

Learn more about the history of the Southwinds Church of Christ, a home for God’s family since 1999.

In early 1999, a group of believers met together to discuss establishing a new church in southwest Allen county. During the month of April, approximately 35 people met in the home of Vance and Jane Gardner to determine what was believed to be Christ’s mission and the new church’s role in furthering the mission of Christ. There was openness of opinion and much good discussion by all who attended these meetings. Our purpose and beliefs were established and by-laws were approved on June 6, 1999. The selected name for the church was Southwinds, a nondenominational Church of Christ. John DiMarzio, Sr. was officially hired as evangelist and Vance Gardner was appointed treasurer.

The first services were held in the community room at The Chapel on Sunday afternoons. In August of 1999, an agreement was reached with Southwest Allen County Schools. On September 5, 1999, the first “practice” service was held in the cafeteria/auditorium of Deer Ridge Elementary School. At the “official opening” on September 12, 1999, 129 people were in attendance.

Deer Ridge was the meeting place of the Southwinds Church of Christ until 2007. After obtaining financing in 2006, the Southwinds Church of Christ broke ground for a new building in 2007. The first service in our current building took place on December 16, 2008.

In 2009, we added Joyce Colbert as our administrative assistant. In July of 2010 we hired John Wriston, our youth minister. After John Dimarzio, Sr.’s retirement in February of 2013, we hired Nathan Randolph as our new evangelist.

Southwinds church is made up of people like you, from many different backgrounds and experiences. People who are looking to find meaning and purpose. By focusing on God’s unique gifts to each individual, we can better serve Him, others, and enjoy personal growth.

Our worship service is uniquely a cappella and positive in nature. It is designed to enrich everyone spiritually with an emphasis on God’s word as it relates to us. We hope that you will come worship with us soon!