What We Believe

You don’t have to agree with everything the church teaches to be a part of what God is doing at Southwinds, but there are a few beliefs fundamental to who we are as Christians and thus they impact everything we do. Here is a summary of those beliefs.

Authority of the Bible

We believe the Bible is the inspired revelation of God to humanity. It is true, authoritative, understandable, and relevant to people today. The Bible is the basis for what we believe and practice. There are no other writings like these scriptures in informing us of God’s will for our lives.

Creator God

In the beginning God created everything. He is all-powerful in sustaining the universe and every part of nature. God works within history to bring about his desires for creation. There is nothing in creation He does not know and there is nowhere that He is not. He is God alone; no other gods exist.


Indwelling Spirit

In order to change lives from sin to godliness, Jesus promised to send a helper, the Holy Spirit. We believe the Holy Spirit is the divine person who dwells within every baptized believer. In addition to infusing the power to be holy and faithful, the Spirit also provides instruction, guidance, wisdom and comfort to the believer.

Man's Self-Destruction

We believe there is a real and personal enemy of God, Satan, who actively seeks to turn people’s hearts and minds away from God. The path Satan offers leads people to self-destructive and ruinous behaviors, and ultimately to a literal eternal punishment. We are all, in varying degrees, influenced by Satan and, as a result, are sinful people in need of Divine help.

Jesus Christ

Because of God’s great love for humanity, He offers rescue from sin through Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God – fully divine and fully human – who came to earth from heaven, revealed God to us and taught us how God intended for us to live. We believe that though he was crucified, God raised him from the dead. Through his sacrificial death and resurrection God offers people forgiveness of sin and transformed lives. Everyone who lives out faith in Christ freely receives salvation and experiences life transformation. It is not given as a result of human works but rather an expression of God’s mercy and grace.

Church Community

Over three millennia ago, God first called out a group of people to experience a special relationship with Him. This community of believers was challenged to live faithfully to God’s will revealed in a pact made between God and His people. Believers today comprise the church and they continue to seek to please God by living up to His moral, ethical and relational standards. Living in proximity to one another Christians encourage and support each other while offering God’s compassion and grace to the world around them. Together the church works to spread the good news found in Jesus Christ. 


Ever since the church began, Christians have been meeting on Sunday as the primary day of worship. Southwinds’ Sunday worship is similar to that of the ancient church in that it is filled with Christian teaching, prayers to God, a cappella music, and the sharing of the Lord’s Supper. We welcome guests to experience the greatness of God through our worship to Him.

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