“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrews 13:2 (ESV)

Have you ever entertained an angel, how about a stranger, someone unknown to you who came on the scene with a need? Maybe they had a physical, emotional or just a need for affirmation or acknowledgement. Who or what is an angel? The biblical definition of an angel is a messenger. A messenger sent for a variety of reasons with a specific purpose. Notice in our text, the entertainment of an angel comes in the form of hospitality. When one shows hospitality to someone sent by God he or she may be hosting an angel. Their purpose in presenting themselves is to give you the opportunity to be their host. Thereby you are doing God’s bidding.

The word “unawares” means it is likely you won’t know who or when this opportunity comes. Angels will also be unrecognizable. They may be disguised as someone you know or a complete stranger. Our response to this text should be, since we don’t who God is sending our way, be hospitable to all. Those who appeal and some who are not so appealing. Those who possess great wealth, and those with meager means. If you do not want to miss an opportunity to entertain a heavenly being do not ignore, what may be their earthy manifestation. Don’t look for a being with wings and a halo. Look for one whose needs you are capability of meeting or ministering to. If you are one who practices hospitality to all, it is possible even probable that you have entertained an angel.

– John DiMarzio, elder, Southwinds Church of Christ